Our Projects

Our NGO is focusing on health, education, governance, Entrepreneurship and climate change. Each of these areas is crucial for sustainable development and the well-being of youth.

Change 4 Us recognizes the urgency of addressing climate change. Our initiatives include reforestation campaigns, promotion of eco-friendly practices, and implementation of renewable energy solutions.
Charity Events Change for Us NGO played a pivotal role in responding to the aftermath of Cyclone Freddy in Malawi, demonstrating a commitment to humanitarian efforts and community support. Cyclone Freddy had caused widespread devastation, displacing communities and leaving many in urgent need of assistance.
Change for Us as a platform for sustainable development believes in giving back to the community through volunteerism, as such we have a youth platform called IDEAS where young people are mentored, trained and empowered with the capacity to become Agents of Change by providing tailor made solutions solutions to address challenges they are facing in their respective communities.