Change for Us is dedicated to fostering positive societal transformations through its governance-focused initiatives. One key area of emphasis is the promotion of Meaningful Youth Participation and Inclusion, recognizing the invaluable role that young individuals play in shaping the future.

  • Empowering Youth Voices:

    • Provide platforms for young people to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns.
    • Encourage active participation in decision-making processes at local, regional, and national levels.
  • Capacity Building:

    • Implement programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of youth in governance-related matters.
    • Facilitate training sessions on leadership, civic engagement, and advocacy to empower the youth to contribute effectively.
  • Advocacy for Inclusive Policies:

    • Advocate for policies that promote inclusivity and consider the perspectives of the youth.
    • Collaborate with policymakers to ensure the integration of youth-friendly initiatives in governance frameworks.
  • Community Engagement:
      • Foster community-level dialogues and partnerships to address issues affecting young people.
      • Encourage collaboration between youth and local authorities to co-create solutions for community development.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation:

      • Establish mechanisms to assess the impact of youth participation initiatives in governance.
      • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of policies in promoting inclusivity and addressing youth-related challenges.
    • Networking and Collaboration:

      • Build partnerships with other organizations, government agencies, and stakeholders to amplify the impact of youth-focused governance initiatives.
      • Collaborate on projects that align with the goal of meaningful youth participation and inclusion.